Welcome to Cavehill District Girls' Brigade

Otherwise known as District 3.  One of 15 districts in GB Northern Ireland.  We have a total of 16 companies from West and North Belfast and they are listed in the Companies Page. 

Events 2015-16
  • Part 1 Officer and Sub-Officer Training

    Cavehill Methodist
    Saturday 3rd Sept 2016

  • District Executive Meeting

    September 2016

  • Brigader Touch Rugby Competition

    Tuesday 25th October 2016
    Metropolitan Tabernacle, 7.30pm

  • Explorer Team Games

    Tuesday 15th November 2016
    Immanuel Presbyterian, 7pm

  • Senior 5-a-side Competition

    Tuesday 22nd November 2016
    Metropolitan Tabernacle, 7.30pm

  • Explorer and Junior Choral Speaking Competition

    Saturday 28th January 2017
    Cavehill Methodist, 10.30am

  • District Executive Meeting

    January 2017 tbc

  • District AGM

    Monday 15th May 2017
                                 Cavehill Methodist, 7.30pm

  • District Parade

    Sunday 2nd April
                                  tbc 3pm

  • Part 3 Officer Training

    Seaview Presbyterian
    Saturday 4th June 2016